Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seriously at my witts end

I'm to the point im asking for donation to help get mine and my husbands teeth pulled. Ive gone and tried to get medcaid. but since we own our own businees they go by gross amount.. so we make to much for help.. they should go by net because businesses do have expenses you know? I wouldnt have gone there if i didnt need help. we pay car taxes, home taxes, business taxes, land taxes, school taxes and insurance on all of the above. yet as an american i cant get help with something as simple as stopping my mouth from hurting,. We got people getting free dental, free food, free houseing, but u cannot help someone who is a working part of the community???/
I'm tired of the pain, throbbing so badly i cant move my head because it feels like my ear is going to explode. My husband has been throwing up for the past 3 days and cant eat because he said it feels like someone has got knives and driving them into his gums...

SO please if you can doate anything it will help. use the paypal button on top left. you do not know how this will be greatly apprecaited.. Just to stop the pain.. I dunno what to do. I'm at witts end.. God help me..PLEASE..

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