Thursday, September 2, 2010

MY Birthday Prayer

Dear god i am thankful for my family, my husband, my home, friends, and the food we eat.I thank you for all the time you have picked me up when my feet have been kicked out from under me. I am at that point again where i need to be picked up and dusted off again. You already know our government has given millions of dollars to companies and businesss to "help the economy." When all it did was make it worse. If they JUST had to give that much money away why didnt they just split even half of what they gave away amoung the people. We would of paid off cars, loans, credit cards,homes and probably get new ones as well. But i realize they didnt want that. The only way to get someone to do as you want is to beat them down until they have nothing left. To degrade them to the point that they will finally give in and say "i need you in my life, i need your help". But god, The help and strenghth i need isnt from the government. It is from you. You can make us strong and proud once more.Then we can unite and beat this hell that has been pushed upon us. Come into our hearts and let people trust in eachother and give again. Amen

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